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Cake Details :-

  • This Cake is Delicious
  • Cake is Fresh Designed (Handcrafted per/order)
  • Cake is Creamy flow and Smooth
  • Bread inside the cake is very Soft.
  • Designed Looking Pretty nice.
  • Cake Base is Stable
  • Type of Bread used in this Cake is Vanilla Bread
  • Topping used Vanilla Cream
  • Cake can Stored for Long Periods 24hours in Freezers.

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NOTE: Design and cake sometimes out of stock but we will provide for you on demand.

    Product Details :-
Surprise the one that you love one on every occasion with this amazing Cake.
Baked with bread covered & layered with freshly whipped cream, vanilla extracts & topped with cream & delicious flakes.
The amazing taste of this cake will definitely blow you a way. So place your order now !
    Ingredients Used :-
All-purpose flour, White sugar, Baking powder, Baking soda, Salt, Milk, Vegetable oil, Vanilla extract, Cornstarch, Whipping cream, Cocoa powder, Butter, Confectioners' sugar.

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White Glaze Cake

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